Paracord Survival Wristband Compass

How Wearing a Paracord Survival Wristband Compass on Your Arm Can Help?

Paracord Survival Wristband Compass are for style right!

We live in the style era, you may be living with the misconception that paracord wristbands are worn only to look fashionable when taking part in adventure activities? If yes, then it’s high time that you get that idea busted. paracord survival wristband compassThe main reason why more and more people have started wearing paracord survival wristbands is that this petite, lightweight. The paracord bracelet in an unobtrusive accessory that boasts the ability to bail adventure seekers out of adverse situations.

The two facts that stand as testimony of the immense strength paracord possesses are:

  1. It has always featured in the list of survival tools used by the US military
  2. It is used for supporting the immense force exerted when a parachute is opened

As its name suggests, a paracord survival wristband is an arm accessory crafted using paracord. In addition to the material’s basic properties (for instance, corrosion resistance, high durability, immense strength), this survival wristband looks stylish on the user’s arm. It’s a perfect tool for hunting, boating, hiking, camping, and other such outdoor activities. It can also come in handy for people in need of first aid.

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Features of a Paracord Survival Wristband

The most notable feature of paracord is that in spite of being light in weight it can move or glide heavy objects quickly. Depending on the thickness of cord used for making your survival wristband, you can expect it to support objects weighing as much as 350 pounds or even more than that. Other than being sold in different thicknesses, the material is also available in a series of eye-catching colors. This helps manufacturers in making the wristbands look attractive. Some of the most popular colors include camouflage shades, black, red, blue, purple, and yellow.

paracord survival wristband compassTwo common additions to these wristbands are a mini compass and an adjustable buckle. Having the compass is particularly important for backpackers and adventure tourists as this equipment can provide them directional assistance accurately. The adjustable buckle, on the other hand, ensures that the accessory fits all wrist sizes aptly.

For making the wristband even more suitable for survival situations, some manufacturers incorporate tools such as a scraper (works as a great substitute of knife), fire starter (will allow you to boil water and cook), and can opener (it would multitask as a Swiss knife, fruit peeler, screwdriver, knife, and sinker). Last, but definitely not the least, the wristband would include an unraveled paracord string. Read on to find out how the string can come in handy in various situations.

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Fishing and hunting are things most of us love doing during backpacking trips or when camping. Taking part in such activities becomes necessary even in times of emergency. The paracord survival wristband can make these tasks simpler in different ways. For instance, the bright color of the string makes it extremely easy to locate. This would allow you to gig up the catch when chasing it more upstream. However, for that, you will first need to find something inside the water body for securing the cord to. Once you manage to do so, run the cord’s other end through the fish’s gills. This will create the much needed hitch and you would be able to get hold of the fish effortlessly.

If you are skilled enough, you can also create a temporary fishing line using your paracord’s inner fibers. To ensure that you don’t need to keep fraying, melt the two ends using a lighter and interweave (simple twisting would also do) the fibers for keeping them together (melt a few spots for a stronger bond).paracord survival wristband compass

Paracord Survival Wristband Compass can be used pretty extensively for hunting. You can use the cord to drag your kill out as well as for prepping and skinning. The rot resistant quality of the material, on the other hand, will allow you to use it for hanging the meat once you complete cleaning.

In survival scenarios, when you are badly in need of something to eat for dinner, cut a portion of the cord and place it strategically to play the role of a sturdy slip knot. That would be enough for snaring small game such as squirrels and rabbits. One advice for individuals planning to hunt with their survival bracelet, make sure you pick it in black or a camouflage shade.

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For surviving in the wilderness

One of the biggest challenges we face when trying to survive in the wilderness is staying dry and warm. That’s because often we don’t have a proper shelter in such situations. Unwinding a paracord survival wristlet can allow you to build a temporary tend. You can also use the cord along with some wooden stakes for securing walls. Another great option would be weaving some branches together for playing the role of a roof.

paracord survival wristband compassAre you lost in the jungle and want to have some idea about your surroundings? Climbing up a tree can help. You can use the paracord wristband for crafting a strong safety harness in order to climb up a tree.

Please don’t forget to use the compass to navigate your way toward your camp or the nearest outpost.

In case, the weather turns nasty and you need to deal with intense rain and wind, you can use the paracord for securing the waterproof clothing you have to your body.

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For dealing with medical emergencies

A paracord survival wristband can come in handy when your first aid kit fails to provide you with the items you need for recovering from or dealing with certain injuries. For example, you can use it as a makeshift tourniquet and a splint for supporting your broken bone.

Tourniquets are extremely useful in treating deep cuts that cause excessive bleeding. Bandaids often fail to offer even minimum help if you get such cuts. Tourniquets would ensure that you can reduce the bleeding until you get the much needed medical attention. Tying the paracord tightly around an area close to the injured body part would help in minimizing the bleeding.Paracord survival wristband compass

How to use Your Wristband in an Accident

If an accident has left you with a broken arm or leg, your first job would be keeping your bones aligned properly for ensuring that they incur minimum damage. Here also, a paracord wristband can help. Build a soft padded area on your affected limb, add wood or other stiffening supports and tie all those things together using the paracord. This will keep your limb immobile until you get the required medical help. The paracord bracelet will never take the place of tried and true survival tools; yet it is a valuable and maybe life saving tool when you need one the most.

Strap on you paracord wristband when adventure calls and be ready for almost anything.

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paracord survival wristband compass